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Exhausts of TSUKIGI RACING has dominated All Japan Road Race Championship before. They offer various lineups from 4mini to big bikes, they give high performance!

TSUKIGI RACING TR Выхлопная система Mini Twin Выхл...

Purchased because Normal muffler got rusty.Although there are also OVER for two draws, I thought about the price and made it here.Although it is installation, it was necessary to Cut Fender as other p...

TSUKIGI RACING TR Наклонный глушитель Тип Болт-on

The car body, ZrX 1200 R 2005 year.Easy installation.Aluminum, but it looks good.Sound is low rounded and good sound.Because it is light, it does not lean to Right.Even better sound at more than 4000 ...

TSUKIGI RACING TR Система полного выхлопа

It was Big Li to the lightness when it arrived.I installed it myself, but it was easy in about an hour. We also have a light handling of Motorcycle itself, and I like the volume. I did the best if the...

TSUKIGI RACING Глушитель выхлопной системы TR

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】 Sample video.? 【How was it actually used?】 Satisfied with sound, Design.? 【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Very easy as Slip-on Silencer.? 【Pleas...

TSUKIGI RACING Выхлопная система TR Moonlight Mega...

Buy it like shape. Waiting for 2 months with postponement of scheduled delivery date 3 times. Finally the item reached and confirmed The portion of Buffing in the Exhaust pipe portion I thought that d...

TSUKIGI RACING Выхлопная система TR Moonlight Mega...

I liked the shape of NORMAL and stayed NORMAL for two years but I was attracted by the Megaphone shape and decided to introduce it this time. After all Short Type suits MT.Installation Instruction Man...

TSUKIGI RACING TR Система полного выхлопа

It is a Silencer of Aluminum Φ 100 × 400 mm.From Slip-on Silencer to Full Exhaust System.As for the performance before the run, it is a later date again.About installation.As the Instruction Manual ha...

TSUKIGI RACING TR Выхлопная система Mini Twin Выхл...

Very nice tone, because it is two-muffler system. The sound is not annoying at all, very bassy, not loud, just right! MSX125 is now sounding very serious, all of my friends are smiling hearing my bike...

TSUKIGI RACING Система полного выпуска выхлопной с...

It will be considerably lighter than NORMAL and the overall Forme also Refreshing quite a bit and the Imechen effect is Large.This time USASpec. Although it purchased, it is quite a blast! There is no...

TSUKIGI RACING Arete / Вихревой шумоглушитель Тип ...

I bought more than one in Kawasaki car but I bought it because I never purchased the product of Tsukisaki RACING.The tone quality is comparatively low, the principal on board does not feel the sound m...

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