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SAITANIYA offers lineups of various exterior parts. They provide parts for vehicles of the 90's up till parts for the latest models. You better take a look at their full cowl which renews the image of your vehicle.

SAITANIYA Крышка резервуара / Полное покрытие / Ор...

I installed it for pre-ride prevention and Hold feeling up in the bank.The installation comes with a thick Double-sided Tape, floating - Distortion etc. It was able to install tightly without too much...

SAITANIYA Бак-накопитель

First, Design was good and it was good that Knee grip became easier.Although it is an installation, Double-sided Tape is troublesome in case you have to paste it yourself.The back side is smooth and e...

SAITANIYA Крышка резервуара

Difficult to install with the same model etc.. I saw the imprint, I was concerned but I bought it carefully, like Design.Product (Material : Plain Weave CarbonType) seems to start making after orderin...

SAITANIYA Крышка резервуара

A word.Impossible to install.Hello Manufacturer, how do you manage?. It is Objection !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAITANIYA 600RR Реплика Переднее крыло

Purchase with Race use. The distance between the front and rear of the mounting Screw part is slightly different, and when it is attached, the Bottom case turns and the Axle Shaft does not enter. Rubb...

SAITANIYA Под управлением Cowl

I removed. Various defects. I am sorry that it is like this for the price. It is attached using OEM's Bolt, but Road clearance is bad, it gets over with a slight step, and the result Bracket broke...

SAITANIYA Одноглазый герметик

great looking one eye, looks even better if you paint the two pieces different colours. mine doesnt fit %100 because my H bar is a bit bent and warps the fairing a little but still very impressed with...

SAITANIYA Заднее крыло

I installed it in HORNET 250. Black Gel As it is, I think that it can be used without problems until it fades. The installation was easy without having to remove the Tire. However, since Brake hose in...

SAITANIYA Заднее крыло

I purchased from the other Manufacturer 's Under Cowl that it was made for a long time.If you remove Tire, it will be easier...I installed it with lining clothes because it is a pain..When the car...

SAITANIYA Набор для удаления буфера

Woven structure is satin weave and secured strength Material : It is carefully made with FRP.Although there was a description that recommends painting when using it in the manual, I think that it is d...

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