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POSH is the top brand in Japan that produces customization parts for various type of motorcycle. Their wide lineup of products will be useful for customers when customizing.

POSH LED блок лампы Хвост

There is no sense of smoke than photograph when attached.How to shine is no longer a round way of shining peculiar to CB. (I like it here

POSH Bar End

Since I can not do the installation on my own, my acquaintance did it.As I looked at the other imprints and took off the items from the OEM there was a thing called Large strange so I prepared a high-...

POSH Тип алюминиевый Обработанные Супер велосипед ...

High Recommend to choose this.
Note for new buyer: Notice the item ID, if they are difference so some detail will be different, take a deep look on Product Image. For example: Single Bulb will be h...

POSH Nasa Тип номерного знака Держатель Set

I tried to purchase a little Accent to Number. There is also sale at the time of purchase, Gold amount and quality are satisfied Large. It is good for NumberAccent of Motorcycle, but I think I can als...

POSH Big Bar End

OEM's Bar End feels like something & cheap and can produce a customization feeling! Left was able to replace anything but the OEMBar End of Right Side was too hard and amateur Phillips Screwdr...

POSH Kit LED преобразования

Because I wanted to erase the Orange feeling of OEM, Lens cover also goes to Clear. Looking at the Instruction Manual, it was necessary to remove the Battery case once for the exclusive Relay exchange...

POSH PCM Нержавеющая сталь CABTON Полный выхлоп

2008 / Mounted on the W400 with a mileage of approximately 3600 km.Installation by one person was Large strange, more than two people would be better if you work.Exhaust pipe silencer is beautifully f...

POSH [Bar End Ремонт] Solid Bar End Резина

I bought it because I felt that the width of the off-road bar of Akosat wearing the old XT 250 that I owned was narrower now.I made a mistake last time, I bought a 14 mm inside diameter, bite Washer e...

POSH из нержавеющей стали черный Cap Болт 10 мм

In addition to the details of M 10, Black's Stainless bolt also has no handling at home center in rural areas, so it is good to purchase with Small lot.As Bolt, the finish is rare and it is normal...

POSH Широкий Ватт мигалка реле (лампы и LED Включе...

CBR250RR (MC - 22) Can be used in compatibility with.It is a necessity for changing to LED Blinker. You can use Bracket as it is. However, I think that it is better for the Connector part to take wate...

POSH Кронштейн ETC Тип II

Perfect for JRM-11 made by Japan Radio.Tighten to Clutch lever holder.Just because it is too conspicuous, I'm considering moving it around Meter.

POSH Кронштейн ETC Тип II

I think that the usability is good because it is lightweight and it can adjust the angle.However, angle adjustment many times (Bending elongation) Then, the surface Anodized (?) It seems Crack is in.T...

POSH 6мм Обработка Net Анкер

I bought it in preparation for Hokkaido Touring.It is used as Loading Hook in the License Plate to raise the loading capacity.With this, it is now possible to tie baggage to the extent that Tail lamp ...

POSH 6мм Обработка Net Анкер

I bought DOrange, but because there was some red color and the color tone did not match, I used it painted in Orange color.Easy to install, easy to use.

POSH Алюминиевый Touring Бар

I liked the color of Orange Anodized and bought it.Instead of using the included Screw and Washer, it is sandwiched by BoxScrew from the front and back with Washer of Stainless Steel and wearing it up...

POSH 6мм Обработка Net Анкер

The Rear Fender of klx, dTRACKER 125 has rigidity because it contains iron Frame, and if you replace the installation Bolt of License Plate with this Hook, baggage will be loaded even without Carrier....

POSH 6мм Обработка Net Анкер

Ideal for hook hooking. Since there are several colors, it is GOOD that you can choose your own car and color of your choice!However, because the attached Bolt was not necessary, it is cheap Spec. I t...

POSH Алюминиевый Touring Бар

The photo will be diagonally from behind.I installed it together with the company's License Plate Holder.Both coloring and texture are finished without complaint, and a sense of unity has come out...

POSH Кронштейн ETC

Until now, I was wearing an ETC receiver with my own Stay, but other switches and so on also increased, and the surroundings of Handlebar got stupid. Refreshed by using this product.

POSH Алюминиевый Touring Бар

I bought GSR 250 and bought it together with License plate. Since there are few places to hook Hook to Motorcycle itself, it is effective when using Net and I think that it will be a little Dress-up. ...

POSH Spring Desorption Exclusive Tool

Bolt to be tightened can use 17 mm Spanner, but since workability is better when tightened on the Nut side, I think it would be convenient if there is a ratchet Spanner that Bolt can Penetrating

POSH Neo-Classic масла датчик температуры

Although appearance becomes showy, it slides in an Oil at the time of an oil change, and it is hard to turn it, although temperature also understands it, and it looks at the quantity of an Oil, an Oil...

POSH Jet ключ

Be [ Final edition / even if a GSX1100S-KATANA Final edition does not remove a carburetor / of Drain portion to a Main jet / exchangeable ].
-- since the up-and-down Space is however restricted -- a...

POSH Jet ключ

although the Size of a Jet and the Size of a Wrench are cinch, the portion (black portion of a photograph) which pinches and turns is only needed [ which has put the Rubber ].
The metal of the Wrench...

POSH Jet ключ

If it is Jet exchange of a carburetor and there is this, it is easy at a work plane.
It has gone by the makeshift by other tools, and in the middle of work, if too useless, it is not necessary to car...

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