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MORIWAKI is a motorcycle parts manufacturer representing Japan, winning Moto2 class Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Exhaust is developed in-house. Their high quality is evaluated as being designated of HONDA optional parts

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MORIWAKI MX [ANO] скольжению на Глушитель

The OEMExhaust System is quite quiet and out of sight so I want to replace the Exhaust System, but I am determined to purchase a Slip-on Silencer with Full Emission System HighAs a result of suffering...

MORIWAKI Глушитель MX Slip-on

【What made you decide the purchase?】Another company's Exhaust System came up as a candidate, but when speaking of Honda, the image of MORIWAKI muffler is strong, and furthermore it is decided that...

MORIWAKI Система полного выпуска воздуха ZERO

After about 2 weeks, the exhaust finally arrived and I was blown away by the quality of the finish. The anodized titanium is not done any justice in photos. It has such a clean, soft look to it that g...

MORIWAKI задний Наборы Kit

Both Pedal and the play are fairly playful, especially concerning the rattling of Brake pedal.I am watching the situation because I am concerned about abrasion if something is done to Aluminum.It was ...


The top Bridge tightens tightly.OEM Parts Number is not much different from the price, Cost performance is also goodThe design of the meat extract is wonderful.One way to Dress-up of your car?

MORIWAKI Система полного выпуска воздуха ZERO

In the installation, there was an impulse such as the position of Screw being different, but my was able to be installed perfectly beautifully.Sound is quiet ... A little sound grew loud, but Large wo...

MORIWAKI ТИТАН MONSTER Полный Система выпуска выхл...

Manufacturer 2017 to be ordered / 10 / It will be 5. Because I will not receive it soon, so if you are hurry, please be careful.

MORIWAKI Глушитель MX Slip-on

Relatively light compared to OEMI think that it is the best for town ride because I feel medium speed power upIn the case of Circuit traveling, it is said that what will happen when the extension of t...

MORIWAKI Полная Система выпуска выхлопных газов TO...

I installed it immediately! Normal muffler It's a favorite sound that bass sounds.I have not yet tried running but I felt like wanting to get on the sunny day quickly!As for installation, it is a ...


Forced to GSX 1300R. However, this unprecedented green colored discreetly Slider is awesome. Moreover, it becomes the shape as long type and this is also the best.

MORIWAKI гонки Key Ring

I did not own any Moriwaki exhaust but the look and design of this key chain interest me. The quality is superb and because of its cover is made from leather, it did not scratch the motorbike key area...

MORIWAKI гонки Key Ring

I attached MORIWAKI's Exhaust System, so I made a choice.Because it is made of leather, it seems that it will not be scratched near the Top Bridge.I am looking forward to changing the color of the...

MORIWAKI гонки Key Ring

It is a Key ring.He wanted to attach to the key of a Motorcycle and it purchased.Since a raw material is also leather and a crack is not easily attached to the circumference of a key, it is recommende...

MORIWAKI гонки Key Ring

[a Webike Monitor] -- also making the Logo of the Katakana called bear a close resemblance to Saki's youth in about 30 years -- although -- it is and makes me who reach his 40's and will ride on a Mo...

MORIWAKI Торговая марка Key Ring

Although it thought which it would be made [ direction of a trademark ] the direction of a RACING, since it was not so high, he bought both.The direction of a trademark regards only a few as a high gr...

MORIWAKI гонки Key Ring

It attached to the key fitted with a motor.
although the somewhat large kana ? was thought when it saw at the beginning -- -- I thought that this was an ant now since it is very well conspicuous whe...

MORIWAKI гонки Key Ring

Although it is budget prices, there may be a high grade feeling. The size was also good exactly!

MORIWAKI Торговая марка Key Ring

The logo of middle separated. When attached with the adhesive bond, it stopped separating, but I consider that it is better to have been more powerful at the time of shipment and to stick.

MORIWAKI Торговая марка Key Ring

It united with the trademark sticker and purchased. Although mono-[ itself ] is good, what the middle portion (trademark) of goods is likely to separate in is worrying... paste -- although he has a fe...

MORIWAKI Moriwaki солнцезащитный козырек

It is recommended if you like MORIWAKIEngineerRing. It is bright BlueIt is also good for everyday use without discomfort. If you like Motorcycle you should knowMORIWAKIMark is a good feeling.

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