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A thick, light, soft, durable leather peculiar to Kushitani.?Protection of the latest technology.?A polite finish of craftsmen who firmly thought of the wearing person attracted numerous motorbike users.That is "Kushitani".

KUSHITANI Рабочие дни Mesh Ride

This summer, the Velcro part of the Left knee collapsed and peeled off by wearing the third time.I bought it as a Pants original because I liked it so much that Mesh jacket of the company was pleased,...

KUSHITANI Перчатки из сухого дождя

Wanted a well made waterproof glove not a so called waterproof glove that soaks in the rain does not pass it through to the hand but can be very cold to wear.the Kushitani does not allow the rain in s...


So far I have used Nylon's GlovesBecause of my fingers being thick, the part of the gore may be pressed and pain may come outI was a bit worriedI tried it at a directly managed store of KUSHITANI ...

KUSHITANI Куртка с полной сеткой Parka

It is a popular item purchased at the same time as the release in March, and sold out in June except Red.KUSHITANI's Hood items are popular every year, so it's important to note that there are...

KUSHITANI Спортивная куртка грязи

I was looking for Mesh jacket for the future Season,I liked trying on KUSHITANI 's shop where I stopped by, but the price was Neck and I did not buy it at that time.At this price I thought of maki...

KUSHITANI Проводниковые джинсы

Because I did not have leather bread, mainly purchased in cold spring spring autumnlyI bought this spring, it's still a long way but it's preeminent, so I am impressedI think that Pants who ar...

KUSHITANI Рабочие дни Mesh Ride

It's fashionable and textured, but the waist on the butt side is shallow as it actually wears, and when it is Riding Position the waist comes out.If we tighten Belt to prevent it, next time the cr...


Since I began to ride Motorcycle I'm longing for KUSHITANI products, I still love it now. I mainly use it in Touring but I feel like getting familiar with my hands every time I use it. I keep on p...

KUSHITANI Головные уборы

Design that does not disturb the movement of the arm when thinking that the shape is strange.It's easy to install and there is no sense of incongruity that you do not even know that you are wearin...

KUSHITANI Головные уборы

I own 3 KUSHITANI Jackets, so this Breath pad is the best.Easy to install, there is no discomfort even when wearing. Pad thickness is not too thick, too thinIt is just feeling good.. However, the pric...

KUSHITANI Предохранение от шеи

the protection from suntan of a head -- now -- until -- although the Bandana was rolled and it corresponded, pains were taken, being able to take during a run or separating.
This Neck guard canceled ...

KUSHITANI Чехол для дождя

Desorption is easy. If it rains [ ordinary ], it is OK, but since it is not a boots type, it is flooded by heavy rain.

KUSHITANI Чехол для дождя

Although waterproof performance is satisfactory, since it is adjustable, if it equips according to its own boots, an outside cover will remain very much in the older (calf side) Ho. If it is going to ...

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