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At the price that can buy the parts I want. With the original development & production system of clipping point, we are thinking firstly to supply inexpensive and durable products while maintaining high quality.?The clipping point supports users who love Monkey who is a city commuter who runs through the streets with a small bike.

CLIPPING POINT Ведущая звездочка 15T

Because it was awesome, I chose instead of OEM, Other Company Product.It is an invisible place though.There was no particular problem such as installation.One year ride on Choi, there is no trouble or...

CLIPPING POINT Ведущая звездочка 16Т

I investigate variously and purchase it because it is cheapest..The accuracy at the time of installation was able to be carried out without particular problem.Perhaps there is a difference in durabili...

CLIPPING POINT Набор большой дроссельной заслонки ...

It seems to be a diversion made by first-class Manufacturer.I felt the price was a little expensive, but the effect is outstanding.If I raise the Front one by one, I think that if I have weight, I can...

CLIPPING POINT Высококлассная спортивная выхлопная...

HA02SUPER CUB (115CC)If it is up to 105 ?, a certain CUB specialty shop (OS) It was adequate with the super cheap Exhaust System, but it was replaced because it seemed to be stroke up to 115? And the ...

CLIPPING POINT Ведущая звездочка 16Т

I purchased it in order to compare the Gear ratio in future use.If you know the appropriate GEAR ratio during storage for the time being, even a lightweight Manufacturer item may be good, but I bought...

CLIPPING POINT Ведущая звездочка 15T

I wanted to reduce the Gear ratio to Small and lighten the Engine's burden during cruising.Chain did not want to add Piece either.When the Engine output goes up, further Quantity : 1pc. I wonder i...

CLIPPING POINT Ведущая звездочка 16Т

It is much cheaper than other Manufacturers, so I'm worried about durability - - -Because it is not open, is it heavy, is it drilling Cost high?Because it is a rotating part, it is better to be li...

CLIPPING POINT Легкая хромовая приводная звездочка

This, LITTLE CUB (Carburetor Vehicles) Chain will not interfere with Crankcase and turn around.17T is the limit. If CUB it will fit.

CLIPPING POINT Большой дроссель и очиститель

"No Air cleaner" I wanted it, but I could not choose it. So I made Cost performance ☆ 3.We started using it in combination with the High Power Sports Exhaust System of Clipping point and Muk...

CLIPPING POINT Легкая хромовая приводная звездочка

APE80Bore upSpec. Attached toWe changed from Front 16 TRear 40 to Front 18 D.It became easier to handle 1st to 4th speeds compared with 16T, but in the 5th speed the feeling of Torque slightly disappe...

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