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PK-918 Protect Winter Pants JUPITER KOMINE
отправил Jan 14, 2018

very good

От Anonymous (2)ИзUnited States

160cm, 50kg man is a little big, but it does not hurt to wear. It is a favorite pants and looks warm. It has plenty of pockets and it is useful and sealed to prevent wind from entering at all. It is a great product.

GK-812 CE Tourer Winter Gloves HAYUMA KOMINE
отправил Jan 14, 2018

very good

От Anonymous (2)ИзUnited States

I used ski gloves in the winter, but I bought gloves because I was uncomfortable. I was satisfied with the selection of the s-size because it was small and I am expecting it to be very warm and it is different from low price.

PK-914 Winter Pants Germania KOMINE
отправил Jan 13, 2018


От Japan User(translated) (155388)ИзJapan

Because it is thin type of 182 cm and 60 kg, I chose TallSize of L.Waist has nothing to say thanks to the adjustment mechanism.With keeping warm Liner attached, lower was enough if HeatTEC's extreme temperature alone took 5 degrees.However, as I got on TallSize's ride, I could see a little ankle, so it was perfect if it was 2 to 3 cm more l...

GK-811 Protect Winter Gloves AKURO KOMINE
отправил Jan 12, 2018

I am disappointed

От Japan User(translated) (155388)ИзJapan

Lever operation is difficult because my fingertip is too much.My fingers are too cold.Adjustment of wrist is too little and detachment is irritated.It may be used if it is about Scooter of the original.

SA-201 Waterproof Riding Bag 10 KOMINE
отправил Jan 11, 2018

It is enough to need it.

От Japan User(translated) (155388)ИзJapan

I purchased it for commuting.Even though 10 L Size, there is considerable luggage entered.I think that I am satisfied with my own motorcycle life.If you dare complain, if there is a space like Inner or a little Accessory Case, there is no need to say......Also, if you made Inner's fabric color rather than Black but fluorescent color, you can fe...

Tool Handle Backpack KTC
отправил Jan 10, 2018

Cospa is good, but ,,,

От Japan User(translated) (155388)ИзJapan

Design, Large Kid, usability is very good. However, sewing was bad and there was fray of thread at several places. In the worst part, the thread melted and the hole was empty. It is the 4th day of use. It was stupid to believe KTC's Brand, I knew Made in China construction, but I would not inspect it. We do not purchase tools either.. Design, f...

Gore-Tex Multi Hooded Jacket GSM22713 GOLDWIN
отправил Jan 9, 2018

Casual and safe TradeOff

От Japan User(translated) (155388)ИзJapan

[quality - Texture]Same as wearing feeling.[Performance - function]It is just Gore-Tex and there is a reasonable windproofness. Just because the coldness of midwinter can not be completely blocked, it seems better to wear a high-performance Inner around 12 to March or another Jacket. Also StandardPad is different from Komine with Urethane only type...

RSJ707 Motorek Winter Jacket RS Taichi
отправил Jan 9, 2018

Good performance, good design

От Japan User(translated) (155388)ИзJapan

I purchased L Size at 172 cm, 63 kg.Up to 12 ° C in January It was comfortable on this Jacket on Under ArmorColdGEAR + Nell Shirt in the morning ~ evening on the day of minimum 0 ° C.Naked person, cold person is already Quantity : 1pc. It might be more comfortable to wear inside.Compared to Jacket of All seasons of rough AndRoad that I was wearing ...

EK-202 Protect Electric Gloves Short KOMINE
отправил Jan 9, 2018

I think that it is the most excellent ca...

От Japan User(translated) (155388)ИзJapan

Thailand It is warmer than the things made, the operation feeling is also good. Thailand stiff rinse. But he will lose to TEC.Cold protection he TEC> Komine> Thailand chOperation feeling he TEC> Komine> Thailand chPrice Komine> Thailand ch> He TECBrand strength (Lol) Thailand ch> He TEC> Komine and so on (Lol)Design is okay ...

AK-047 Neoprene Toe Warmer KOMINE
отправил Jan 8, 2018

It will not be unbearable cold

От Japan User(translated) (155388)ИзJapan

Inner boa etc. With normal engineer boots without it, cold is cold, but it can not be tolerable It is not cold.(Kanto end of December to January, early morning around 2 ℃, continuous running for about 2 hours)It is almost Just size Boots, although I feel a little tight at the beginning of wearing, it is about to disappear soon.It was cold this wint...

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