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Slotted Bit (Long) PB
отправил Jul 16, 2018

PB Slotted

От Anonymous (32)ИзRussia

this company makes excellent screwdrivers-screwdriver bits with an insertion angle of 6.3 mm. the Swedish make / recommend super quality! you also need a screwdriver with a ratchet to buy*

Crochet Wrench Set (Open Small) 5pcs. SANKEN
отправил Jul 13, 2018

SANKEN Crochet Wrench Set (Open Small) 5...

От Anonymous (19)ИзUnited States

This review is for the SANKEN Crochet Wrench Set (Open Small) 5pcs. The item arrived wrapped in plastic as shown in my review photo. The Crochet Wrench Set includes a holder with holes on each end so that mounting inside a toolbox or wall is possible. The overall quality appears to be great and I don’t think Webike’s price can be beat. I would ...

Puncture Repair Set of 5pcs.+GLUE10cc PROTOOLS
отправил Jul 11, 2018

Necessary items When traveling

От Anonymous (6)ИзThailand

I bought this item and thought it was a must have item when I was traveling. At least it helped me feel comfortable. When the tire leak I can easily repair my own tires from the tire repair kit.

Приступы: SUZUKI ST250 Etype (ST250XK9)
  • SUZUKI ST250 Etype (ST250XK9)
отправил Jul 10, 2018


От Anonymous (12)ИзChina

Before I got out of the car, I accidentally lost the car kit, which caused me to worry about the problem on the road when I was riding, and it was really inconvenient to have no tools for normal maintenance. Since the webike bought back the origina...

Blind Rivet (1 Set of 25pcs.) SIGNET
отправил Jul 9, 2018

Signet Blind Rivets

От Anonymous (6)ИзIndia

Great quality rivets.
Stainless Steel shaft and aluminium body.
The rivet diameter is 4mm and can be used for materials upto 12mm thick....

Chain Brush Webike Garage
отправил Jul 7, 2018

Chain Easy cleaning

От Japan User(translated) (159576)ИзJapan

Used for 520 Size Seal chain.Seal chain "Cleaning with Wire brush is impossible" So saying that, if you buy Nylon brush OK?.The feeling of use is Exactly to Chain size, it is fast and easy to clean at the same time in three directions.Hands with a longer hair on the handle side are useful for scraping out Grease that crawls around DriveSp...

Mini Pump C302 Mini Floor DRC
отправил Jul 5, 2018

Good product as Inflator's tool

От Japan User(translated) (159576)ИзJapan

It can be used sufficiently as Inflator's tool.It is firm and easy to use for the price.It is convenient to carry because Large is also Compact.

Swivel Ratchet Handlebar SK11
отправил Jul 5, 2018

Good Cost performance

От Japan User(translated) (159576)ИзJapan

The function as Ratchet is sufficient and can be used without problems.At this price quality and function are no problem.I am worried about future durability.

Damper Lock Socket Webike Garage
отправил Jul 4, 2018

It was necessary for FrontCB 400 TOverha...

От Japan User(translated) (159576)ИзJapan

Although I have a Small Damper Lock Socket from this product, I have abandoned Small Saku Overhaul at FrontCB 400 TOverhaul of XJR 400 R, but I wanted to rechallenge I could get a Large Damper Lock Socket with Wye Big I will. Convenience I am waiting for postpaid form.

Optimate 6 Version 2 TECMATE
отправил Jul 3, 2018

I think that it is very good..

От Japan User(translated) (159576)ИзJapan

As a Charger of Battery of a favorite car HONET 600, I bought something of high performance. When I was another car of another before, it was an open type Battery so I used it all the time, but I purchased it because I thought that it could not be used with a sealed type Battery. Usage is very easy. I'm sorry it will be more Recommendation if t...

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