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Funnel amon
отправил Mar 22, 2018

amon Funnel

От Anonymous (7)ИзBelarus

Hey. I want to share a review about the purchased product for use in motorcycle maintenance. Funnel is a great help for pouring oil into the motor of a motorcycle. Oil is poured quickly and without streaks. Similarly, the funnel can be used to fill antifreeze and other liquids. I recommend this product. You will not regret buying it.

Dual Injector for e & v Exhaust System SCOTTOILER
Приступы: KAWASAKI ZZR600 (600) 90-08
  • KAWASAKI ZZR600 (600) 90-08
  • KAWASAKI ZZR250 (250) 97
  • KAWASAKI ZZR1100 (1100) 90-01
  • KAWASAKI ZXR750 STINGER (750) 89-95
  • ...и более.
отправил Mar 21, 2018

Scottoiler dual injector

От Anonymous (3)ИзThailand

This should come as standard to Scottoiler kit as they help to fully lube the chain rather than only one side as in standard kit.

отправил Mar 17, 2018

Parts required for old cars

От Japan User(translated) (156488)ИзJapan

In the touring destination, I was wearing increased feeling of anxiety about the electrical system. Since the state can be confirmed with numbers, there is no unnecessary anxiety.

Fork Oil Level Gauge(Oil Level Adjustment Tool) Webike Garage
отправил Mar 17, 2018

Oil Suction is stiff

От Japan User(translated) (156488)ИзJapan

To the extent of the price, the scale was easy to understand, and fixation of the pipe of the scale to Plate was also good. Easy to use and workable, but powerful for aspiration of Oil and discharge of Oil in syringe. It is quicker to discharge Oil from Syringe. The attached syringe is medical disposable, because it is not used for people, it may b...

Wire Injector Webike Garage
отправил Mar 14, 2018

It makes lubricating your cables so much...

От Anonymous (6)ИзSingapore

Have been using this to lubricate my cables and it made my life so much easier. Easy to use, doesn't make much of a mess, compact and it's black(my favourite colour). It's probably as good as MotionPro ones. if not, better!
Highly recommended!

Power Supply Socket amon
отправил Mar 13, 2018

Very good

От Japan User(translated) (156488)ИзJapan

It is excellent.. Drive Recorder, Radar Detector etc. Power can be taken from the Cigar socket Easy power supply from the fuse box to install Type electrical components. And without processing.

Lock Nut Multi Hook Wrench MINIMOTO
Приступы: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
отправил Mar 10, 2018

I feel relieved.

От Japan User(translated) (156488)ИзJapan

Purchase to do Initial adjustment of Rear suspension.I purchased this because the size of Nut was unknown.I can not rely on making it, but I could use it without problems.Although it is used less frequently, it will be a problem if you do not have it, so do not lose it.

COLONY Pitch Gauge Inch /mm GUTSCHROME
отправил Mar 10, 2018

For Amateur

От Japan User(translated) (156488)ИзJapan

Inch, milli's Bolt's pitch, diameter, length can be measured. However, since these can be measured with one Gauge, the ease of individual measurement is inferior to the exclusive item. Gauge is PlasticDurability will be low as figures are printed. It is good for occasional use as a hobby, but I think that it is better not to use it at work.

3/8DR Deep Socket 14MM SIGNET
отправил Mar 8, 2018

It is surprisingly easy to use

От Japan User(translated) (156488)ИзJapan

I just bought it because the 14 mm Socket got useless. SIGNET 's Wrench is 10 years long even if it is used for a while, so I use it as a tool for Main as it is durable.I needed enough for this Socket.

Wire Injector Webike Garage
отправил Mar 5, 2018

Easy to use

От Japan User(translated) (156488)ИзJapan

There is oil leakage during lubrication at any Wire injector.This item was purchased because COSPA is good. We can use it without problems. I think that it is easy to make, so it will not break, Material : Because Rubber products are built in, oil resistance is a concern.

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