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SK-691 CE Flex Elbow Guard KOMINE
отправил Aug 18, 2017


От Japan User(translated) (150722)ИзJapan

Protector performance of goods has no problem. Velcro is also strong. Just feel a sense of fit.Although the wrist part is Rubber but quite a few. Watch it is impossible.Pressure fitting system (Skin's and so on) As with the tightness as usual, the system (65 - 70 km at around 170 cm) People are tight.I am not used because I am tight.

US YOSHIMURA T-shirt (Yoshimura Speed Center) YOSHIMURA
отправил Aug 18, 2017

Parenthesis( - ∀ - )good!!

От Japan User(translated) (150722)ИзJapan

It is T-Shirt which treated the US Asahi flag of USYOSHIMURA.Anything Design is Parenthesis ( - ∀ - )good!!I want Tsuda player's Replica helmet to be released As the best T-Shirt I am.

SAS-TEC Chest Protector with CP-2 BAG DAYTONA
отправил Aug 18, 2017

Balance of safety and fit

От Japan User(translated) (150722)ИзJapan

In consideration of safety, the Chest protector of this hand is decided to be better for Hard Type, but the sense of fit is bad.And when you wear it, Forme also looks like a pigeon breast and is not cool.For that reason it is getting more and more troublesome to install.But I can not ignore safety, it will be Soft Type as a compromise.This product ...

отправил Aug 18, 2017

Nice stuff

От Anonymous (2)ИзSingapore

I bought this because I had the previous version..the EVO is much softer..more of the clarino leather than the first model, the first model has more cow leather on the palm..the fit does not change, soft and light, overall its good for normal street riding..recommended product!

RSU264 Waterproof Inner Jacket RS Taichi
отправил Aug 17, 2017

I'm satisfied with Inner Jacket doin...

От Japan User(translated) (150722)ИзJapan

To say what you dislike when riding a Motorcycle is the most disgusting to ride on a rainy day,I do not know Timing to take off when I wear Rain Suit,Rain Suit itself does not like to wear, so I was looking for something goodRS TAICHI has found this item.About 2 months since purchasing I always had permanent,Opportunities to appear easily (I was gl...

PK-700 Protect Riding Mesh Pants BIRANCIA KOMINE
отправил Aug 16, 2017

The best Cospa

От Japan User(translated) (150722)ИзJapan

Komine has good Cospa so I started to buy Komine's items.For me of 169 cm 53 kg it is just M Size.Wide Size is also available for fathers who are interested in a little tummy.Protector is next to the knee and the buttocks.Knee Protector can adjust the height of 3 stages with Velcro.The Mesh part has thigh and shin part. Frequently capture runni...

American Tool Bag 4 MFA-11 3.5L TANAX
Приступы: Others capacity : 3. 5L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
  • Others capacity : 3. 5L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
отправил Aug 16, 2017

Back is the best Cospa

От Japan User(translated) (150722)ИзJapan

BackBody, texture - capacity - I think that COSPA looks pretty expensive. I'm putting onboard tools and Rain Wear. But the problem is mounting Belt! Just put a bit of heavy things, it seems to be loose when running, I am afraid. I fixed the Sissy bar so that I could afford to Belt whom I had troubled with the installation location, and joined t...

Windstopper (R) Over Knee Ankle Warmer ROUGH&ROAD
отправил Aug 15, 2017

It will windproof.

От Japan User(translated) (150722)ИзJapan

There is no dissatisfaction with windbreak performance, but personallyIt is better that the length is about 5 cm more long.Also, sewing is not so easy and the edge stitching is partIt was easy to split.There is improvement desire there.

2 Way Shoe Guard ROUGH&ROAD
отправил Aug 15, 2017

Used in TrekkingShoes "C1_02S"

От Japan User(translated) (150722)ИзJapan

- Shoes attached : Caravan's TrekkingShoes "C1_02S" (Size29cm)- Your Motorcycle : SEROW250About qualityWhen opening the product, it was confirmed that the hole through which the shoelace passes passes gap diagonally as a whole compared to the product image.(It is hard to understand in the attached image, but ...)Since this product is ...

Emergency Shoes Cover ROUGH&ROAD
отправил Aug 15, 2017

It is essential for Long touring.

От Japan User(translated) (150722)ИзJapan

I used Rain Cover for the first time.I usually used Waterfof nature using Elf's SYNTHESE 14 and was not concerned with rain at all, but I felt it was pretty hot because the waterproof nature was high.I use Elf's SYNTHESE 15 for summer, but since it is Mesh, I was worried about rain.Size feeling was just right in M ??with Elf's SYNTHESE ...

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