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отправил Jun 28, 2017

little bit cool

От Anonymous (4)ИзHong Kong

this thing very slightly cool i could felt . so far so good . the humidity was 90% it won't be work efficiently. maybe the instructions was not clearly so the product was trashed

отправил Jun 28, 2017

not work at all

От Anonymous (4)ИзHong Kong

i dont know why .Just wont cool. in direct sun light it was little bit hot. the humidity 80-90%
. may be it is the reason why this is trash for me

отправил Jun 24, 2017

Cospa is good, defensive power is high

От Japan User(translated) (148328)ИзJapan

Material of knee and shin part : Because the sewing place of PlasticProtector is too close, it does not fit properly to the movement of the joint, so the feeling of Fit is one more, but because the defense power is high for the price, I am satisfied.

SK-490 Extreme Elbow Protectors KOMINE
отправил Jun 22, 2017

Good forever friends, feeling of securit...

От Japan User(translated) (148328)ИзJapan

There is a feeling of Fit, there is no gap even when traveling in a forest road, there is a sense of security very much.Regarding the performance and functionality of Protection, I am not fortunate enough to crash, so I can not evaluate, but I have the impression that a fatal injury can be avoided probably even if a gentle fall occurs.Since there a...

Chest Protector 5.5 PRO HD LEATT BRACE
отправил Jun 22, 2017

5. 5 pro arrived

От Japan User(translated) (148328)ИзJapan

The other day I ordered this HD, but 5. 5 pro arrived.We are currently asking for returns and exchanges, but we do not hear from you.Clearly I can not believe there is no contact for the whole day though it is a mistake there.

American Tool Bag 4 MFA-16 3.5L TANAX
Приступы: Others capacity : 3. 5L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
  • Others capacity : 3. 5L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
отправил Jun 22, 2017

I tried to attach another one

От Japan User(translated) (148328)ИзJapan

I installed only One Side the other day, but the capacity is still 3. 5 L is not enough.I bought another one again.But One Side had a bit of a hard time, but when I become one more, I will do everything once from Rose Case.Although it took a hard time by trial and error it took more than 2 hours but I could install it.I wrote Impre the other day so...

GK-145 Super Fit Rain Gloves ACROPOLIS KOMINE
отправил Jun 22, 2017

Where ...

От Japan User(translated) (148328)ИзJapan

Quality is always Komine, there is no possibility, sewing is also so absurd.There is only singing SuperFit recipe, feeling of Fit is really good (... hard enough to get wet)Manufacturer which properly attached thermo plastic material but Slider properly also does not know at least other than komine- - - Komine is always a sweet stuffWaterproof perf...

RSC115 Cool Ride Helmet Inner Cap RS Taichi
отправил Jun 22, 2017


От Japan User(translated) (148328)ИзJapan

It was a product I wanted from before, but I missed Timing to buy. The climate also got better, I also suffered Helmet at work, sweaty, I buy it according to Helmet purchase this time because it will be drenched. The feeling that I was covered is just too shallow, not too deep.

2015 JSB SZUKA 8h Endurance Race Sunglasses SE TSR
отправил Jun 21, 2017

Just right

От Japan User(translated) (148328)ИзJapan

I bought it for daily use with Motorcycle or a car. It is lightweight and has a good feeling of Fit so it is not easy to get tired at the moment. Since many plastic lenses are easily scratched, we will try on durability in the future.

F-Rough Waist Bag ROUGH&ROAD
отправил Jun 20, 2017

Fit to the body

От Japan User(translated) (148328)ИзJapan

Like PetitTwo when it has only valuables, it is convenient to distinguish when using Long touring.There are also many Pockets, just right Size.There are various colors, and Point is also high that you can choose your favorite color.

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