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Самые популярные Оцениваемый 5 29 моделив YAMAHA 751cc-1000cc
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With the concept of "High tech armed pure Sport" which embodies "circuit fastest" that can experience the thought of YZR-M1, with a focus on race participation and circuit running, it is a new true super sports model that allows riders to focus on running is there.
Color variations are two colors "Deep Purpose Blue Metallic C" and "Matt Dark Gray Metallic 6".
водоизмещение 998 Тип двигателя 4-stroke/Water-cooled/DOHC/4 Valve/Parallel 4-cylinder
Максимальный выход (ps) 200PS / 13,500r/min Максимальный крутящий момент (кгс / м) 11.5kgf.m / 11,500r/min
Вес автомобиля (сухой вес) - Емкость топливного бака литр 17


It is a Tire that is initially installed in the GSX-S 750.The car that was riding in the past was HORNET 250, at that time I was wearing Dunlop's qualities Fire 2, GPR 300 so Bridgestone's Tire was the first time.Because the vehicle is different, although it can not be said unconditionally, ...

IMPACT алюминиевый Горловина для заливки масла M27...

Even if the car type fits as in other Impression, it can not be screwed because the pitch does not match. Moreover, there are BALI in threads and there is a problem with quality. No matter how cheap it is, you should sell more decent items, and WayBig will also check. I will not trust him..

AC Performance Line Комплект болтовых тормозных шл...

Hi. I want to share my experience in using the purchased product - ACPerformance brake rear brake line. The replacement of the brake line is quick, without any difficulties. Brakes began to work more quickly and more responsive. Better respond to pressing the brake pedal. I recommend this product. Y...

DAYTONA High-Spec Line Тормозной шланг тип D

Hi. I want to share my experience using the purchased DAYTONA product for the front brake system on my motorcycle. Replacement of the brake line quickly, without any difficulty. Excellent replacement of the original brake line. Brakes began to work faster and more clearly. It is better to react to p...

SKF Комплект прокладок

Low Friction can be compared by exchanging only one side when assembling parts. I do not understand honestly when I say that this low friction can be understood when driving. Since the movement of suspension is controlled by the damping force, the effect of low friction is Small. However, the Inner ...

US YAMAHA YZF-R1 (Р) S Комплект быстрой перестанов...

I am using it for 2016 YZF-R1S.I diverted similar parts from OEM Parts.Shift Switch, ROD, Nut about 18,000 yen. (YZF-R1 RaceBase 2016)The position of the attached Coupler is located just behind the top end of the Shift rod, Material : It is in Rubber's Cover.Just mounting it as it is will not de...

NGK иридия штепсельной вилки CR9EIX 5448

Long ago Plug is using NGK. Even the Normal plug was good, but it was replaced after exchanging the outside Plug cord. Although the change in performance is not felt so much, I exchanged it with a sense of security.

DAYTONA High-Spec Line Тормозной шланг тип D

Hi. I want to share my experience in using the purchased DAYTONA product for the front brake system on the SUZUKI BANDIT 1200. Replacement of the brake line quickly, without any difficulties. Excellent replacement of the original brake line. Brakes began to work faster and more distinctly. It is bet...

R&G Защитная решетка радиатора универсальная

So I got this universal mesh radiator guard as an alternative to the pricier, bike specific ones. I'd say the quality is good and easy to install. Just measure your radiator and cut to size. All you need are some heavy-duty shears (I used tin cutters). Did a little trimming at the corners and it fit...

SSK Тяжелый полкодержатель для руля

That is very easy to install it, about use 10 min is okay and it can reduce vibration, so you can feel better when you travel a long time. Excellent!
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