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MAJESTY S and to the new landscape. Stress-free days - Sporty and sophisticated form that creates smart running in the streets to the power to run fast on the highway.Make work and play comfortable, High performance MAJESTY S.An active holiday - A quick, agile MAJESTY S will extend the range of action freely.You can also enjoy a short distance touring, you can also go off more easily.
водоизмещение 155 Тип двигателя Water-cooled/4-stroke/SOHC/4 Valve/Single Cylinder
Максимальный выход (ps) 15PS/7,500r/min Максимальный крутящий момент (кгс / м) 1.4kgf・m/6,000r/min
Вес автомобиля (сухой вес) - Емкость топливного бака литр 7.4L

GIVI Сумка для мотороллеров [XS318] XSTREAM

wonderful!! My bike is AK550. This bag is very very nice. A low price & Be of good quality. size is very good too.
wonderful!! My bike is AK550. This bag is very very nice. A low price & Be of good quality. size is very good too.

FERODO ECO Трение Тормозная система Pad ECO Трение...

FERODO Eco Brake Pads works well in rain as well in sunny weather. Shoes was pit pricey, but time will show how shoes will keeps the braking power over the time.

YAMAHA Мотоцикл Обложка F Type Middle Scooter BOX ...

I bought the same thing since it purchased the last time, aged deterioration. Durability of the former thing almost received rain breeze and it was perfect because it was a little bit empty after more than two years passed. Since BOX is attached, Cover for exclusive use is refreshing and Silhouette ...

DAYTONA Black Обложка STD 2

Quantity for RZ 250 R and RR : 2pc. Purchase Set. I bought LL so that I can use it, but I feel that "?" Is sufficient. There is a storage bag in Rear, but I feel I do not need it. I feel that if you have a drawstring separately you can finish using it (you do not need to take Cost on such ...

GIVI Сумка для мотороллеров [XS318] XSTREAM

It's a very nice bag. I highly recommend this bag.
It's a very nice bag. I highly recommend this bag.
It's a very nice bag. I highly recommend this bag.
It's a very nice bag. I highly recommend this bag....

M-SOUL (Musashi) Комплект армированного жгута пров...

MAJESTYs', Bore up - Long Crankshaft - Compression ratio increased very much with High Camshaft etc. It was troubled to start, but it was installed and it was solved very much. it was a great help. When installing, it may be slightly Large strange.

WirusWin Hyper Valve

Because MAJESTYS is strong at the time of low speed, I thought that it would be possible to reduce even a little. It was a little relaxed because I got a Time lag from AxelOff.

DAYTONA смартфон держатель Широкий для мотоциклов

In use at MAJESTYS.MAJESTYS has a delicate Handlebar shape, I buy Bracket or I'm wondering if I will buy this. (Because I have my Smartphone Holder)Since I bought it with a new car, I bought a Smartphone Holder because the new item was also good.It is very easy to use because it can be adjusted ...

M-SOUL (Musashi) LEVEL10 Racing Power Filter

I purchased it and tried installing it as good from the same Motorcycle ride.I told you to Speedup when I heard it, but I did not change the highest speedSpeed ??Speed (Response) I can not feel itI think that suction is better than OEM, but I do not understand well.Inhalation by experience up to now...

M-SOUL (Musashi) Комплект армированного жгута пров...

As Manufacturer says,By increasing the + side - side electric flow rate, it is possible to reduce the burden on the CellMotor and expect the Extra Grounding effect.We can expect improvements around heavy Engine Starter Motors such as Tuning, Engine and Bore up car.Since there is a direction of the l...

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