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Самые популярные Оцениваемый 1 82 моделив KAWASAKI 401cc-750cc
Лучшие бренды
Лучший продукт
Equipped with a handles as low as three grips to the uphandle specification, the low handle specification is set to a somewhat sporty position.The classic form which makes the image of the famous car "Dub one" of the past year, the basic composition and equipment such as the vertical twin engine adopted as the hypoid bevel gear shaft cam drive which was once the mechanism of the racing engine, the front 19 inch tire, the tack roll sheet There is no change.As with the uphand specification, it was color changed to red x white and white x pearl white as the final specification.
водоизмещение 675 Тип двигателя Air-cooled/4-stroke/Parallel 2-Cylinder/SOHC/4 Valve
Максимальный выход (ps) 48ps(35kw)/6500rpm Максимальный крутящий момент (кгс / м) 5.5kg・m(54N・m)/5000rpm
Вес автомобиля (сухой вес) 193(概算値) Емкость топливного бака литр 14

DUNLOP D404 [100 / 90-19 MC 57S WT] Шина

Until now I was wearing Michelin's Helmet Commander 2, but this time I tried it with cheap price. I am worried about durability, but because I am Front, I do not mind that much.

NGK иридия штепсельной вилки BR7EIX 94643

It was installed in CYGNUS XS in 2008. I used to replace the OEM Parts Number plug, but CYGNUS XS was also quite years and distance so fuel efficiency got worse and Plug replacement time also came, so it was high chotto Although I switched to Iridium plugs, since Plug exchange is Scooter, there are ...

DAYTONA Прокладка сливного болта

When Drain bolt is removed (It is time to exchange Oil) I always try to replace it. Oil It seems that it plays a solid role because there is not always evidence of leakage or bleeding. Because it is cheap Parts, let's exchange it all the time!

Hirayama Industry Техно Обложка (Водонепроницаемая...

We are using Blue Sky parking, covering HORNET 250. In terms of Size this is the best to have a little margin.Previously I was using Yamaha's Cover. I bought this product because it started to get rainy in about half a year and I am currently using it for 9 months.Due to the special cloth Materi...

WebikeMode Тип масляного фильтра

Since it is like PB of Wei Big, I am not worried about the performance etc, and if I am concerned with Racer, I may be concerned about the performance side, but because I am a Cruiser and I will not go GunGun,. Price is satisfied with Large change, it is not a rotten one, so I would like to purchase...

DAYTONA Масляный фильтр

I was worried about what to do when Oil Element's replacement time came down I was attracted only by the cheap price and decided to purchase! The performance was good against the price and I was able to do the installation to Smooth.It was exchange of Oil and Element but it ended in less than 30...

DID Цепь VX серии 525VX Silver [С зажимом для обле...

I have been using DID to replace the original chain, it has a very good quality, to ensure that 30,000 km life,Not easy to elongate,I would recommend it to my friends.

POSH W1 Тип выхлопного

Compared with OEM, since two Exhaust Systems are not connected, a crisp sound is produced, the sound of negative pressure generated between exhaust gas Gas and exhaust gas Gas like Tutu is good feeling.I think that the volume is Large, I think that I can not recommend it for people living in urban a...

CF POSH Выхлопная Прокладка

I used it for exchanging the w650's Exhaust System, I felt the feeling that Packing was crushing when I tightened Screw. Material is copper PRESS processing, the interior is hollow.

INADOME Эксклюзивный комплект заземления для W

Earthing wires, which must be purchased with turn signals from INADOME. These are four wires that differ in length - from short to longer ... This is due to the different installation options on the motorcycle. It seems to me that they should be immediately included in the set of turn signals, becau...

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