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KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-14R (ZZR1400)

Предоставлен Motor Magazine Ltd.
Самые популярные Оцениваемый 4 37 моделив KAWASAKI 1001cc-
Лучшие бренды
Flexible high performance model with high performance and ease of handling Ninja ZX - 14R.It is possible to lightly enjoy the winding while having the power to demonstrate the phenomenal acceleration power.In addition, it is comfortable even for long distance touring, and it also has a casual feeling that it is possible to flush through the city.The balance between ultimate excitement and depth of birth is also a feature of successive Kawasaki and sports tourers.The new Ninja ZX - 14R insists on overwhelming presence in addition to a number of high - quality, high - performance equipments. The 2017 model, like the 2016 model, is scheduled to be released simultaneously in early October 2016, with a two-line lineup of a standard model and a high grade model. It is mainly color / graphic change and there is no specification change from 2016 model.
водоизмещение 1441 Тип двигателя Water-cooled/4-stroke/Parallel 4-cylinder/DOHC/4 Valve
Максимальный выход (ps) 200PS/10,000rpm Максимальный крутящий момент (кгс / м) 16.1kgf−m/7,500rpm
Вес автомобиля (сухой вес) - Емкость топливного бака литр 22

SKF Комплект прокладок

High-performance suspension Oil seal's synonym is SKF, but the suspension has leaked Oil so I tried replacing it with a trial.As a result, even if it is SKF, it has leaked out."Plating if it is not possible with SKF" I knew that it was being told, so we put out for plating quietly. Ros...

DAYTONA Прокладка сливного болта

When Drain bolt is removed (It is time to exchange Oil) I always try to replace it. Oil It seems that it plays a solid role because there is not always evidence of leakage or bleeding. Because it is cheap Parts, let's exchange it all the time!


I thought that I could use it before, so I did it this time as wellThe price is also cheap and I think that Cost performance is also a very nice one. I think that the pass and so on can be attacked to some extent. I think that there is sufficient performance in town ride.In terms of total point, it ...


Even if you change the car model, Pad, "Rear" He continues to use Red Pad! It is not effective, it is not effective, suddenly "Kick ass" It works not only with Sue, but also with Sue as much as it stepped on.. With Corner etc, it is easy to fine-adjust the speed, such as when the...

EK Chain Цепь уплотнения QX-ring 530ZVX3

When installing, select Screw jointType for the reason that Special Tools is unnecessary. If you work according to instructions you can do it without problems. When opening the product, a strong Grease has been applied to the Large amount, so it will be difficult to drop it. I think that the impress...

EK Chain Трехмерная цепь 530Z

I think Chain is.The previous Chain used RK, but it feels lighter than that.There is no difference in the Large difference between feeling held by hand, so there is not much difference in actual weight (it should have been measured. ) Clearly felt lightly in the running after the exchange.I was able...

PLEASURE Канальный жалюзи

2017 ZX-14R H. Attached to G.Although a Custom feeling may appear in appearance, it is subtle to say whether the product is for the price.The installation precision is also bad, and also in the Instruction Manual "Attach to the place to be comfortable..... It is stated in the expression "b...


Until now, I have used the high grip of Mezzler, Pirelli. It was my impression that I tried using domestically produced Manufacturer for the first time this time, but first I felt the ride was rugged. Probably, I think that the winding of Wire? Is firmly wound. Meshera, Pirelli and other foreign-mad...

Magical Racing заднее крыло

Fender - Buy Chain cover Large Ya Magical racing madeTire removal is unnecessary, Hose clamp can be used as it is also easy to workJust like the other people 's impressions, it is easier to remove Right' s SilencerCarbon parts looks Cool!I will also play a part in the suspension Dress-up

GIVI Алюминиевый корпус Monokey DLM30A

Used as Pannier case. Because it is a Monokey case it also becomes a Top case.The texture is good, but the place I touched sweaty is somewhat suspicious - - -

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