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Самые популярные Оцениваемый 2 136 моделив HONDA -50cc
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водоизмещение 49 Тип двигателя Water-cooled/4-stroke/OHC/Single Cylinder
Максимальный выход (ps) 4.2PS/8,500rpm Максимальный крутящий момент (кгс / м) 0.41kgf・m/5,500rpm
Вес автомобиля (сухой вес) - Емкость топливного бака литр 4.8

KIJIMA Ручка Mount Kit

Kijima makes some of the best stuff you can buy. This part is no exception. Has served me well for many years. The only downside is it is so shiny that sun is constantly reflecting off of it. So wear your shades.

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Датчик уровня...

Knowing your oil level is very important. So this part will allow to still check the level while having a cool metal part instead of a plastic one. Works great with other parts from Takegawa.

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Резервный тан...

No one makes this part. So if you want to be different run this for instant street cred. You can match it with some other pieces from the same maker.

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Радиатор осно...

Nowadays radiator covers are crazy detailed. Or super thick and heavy. This version has been around since the beginning and looks great on any bike. Not to mention you can pair it with some matching pieces from the same manufacturer. Plus it has a cool cap hold down which no one else makes, that...

Rin Parts передняя вилка ботинки

While these make any bike look like it can go off-road. These will actually allow you to keep dirt from entering your forks. Which is great if you ride on dirt at all. Also, not may companies make them for such small bikes

KIJIMA FRP Flat Fender Front

This fender (along with the matching rear fender) are the only aftermarket fenders I ever put on my Ruckus that actually work. Since they are high quality fiberglass they can be easily painted, but look awesome in black.

KIJIMA задний багажник

The Carrier works great on a Ruckus, provided you remove the stock taillight bracket. But you can add a tail light underneath this one if you desire. Will carry a 12 pack of beer easily, or doubles as a table while one the road.

NGK Стандартный разъем CR8EH-9 5666

My favorite thing is the home Centeretc. Mostly Plug compatibility table is placed inEasy to read and easy to read by anyoneNever felt dissatisfied using Standard Plug BP 5 HADepending on the place where the plug is attached rainwater, dust etc.. Because it is easy to accumulateBefore removing the p...

NGK Силовой кабель (Plug - код)

สายหัวเทียน ซิลิโคน จาก NGK ตัวสายเป็นซิลิโคน นิ่มและสมารถจัดท่าทางการติดตั้งใช้งานได้ง่าย
ตัวสายที่แถมมาให้ค่อนข้างยาว และยังมาพร้อมกับหัวข้อต่ออย่างดี

Hirayama Industry Обложки для велосипедов [KIZUNA]

The fabric is also good thick. Just keep Band's lock on Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I wish I could remove it from either side. With my parking lot there is a fence on the mounting side and it can not be locked. Result It does not use it, it keeps with another Band which I used before..

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