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Предоставлен Motor Magazine Ltd.
Самые популярные Оцениваемый 4 105 моделив HONDA 401cc-750cc
Лучшие бренды
водоизмещение 669 Тип двигателя Water-cooled/4-stroke/2-cylinder/OHC/4 Valve
Максимальный выход (ps) 50ps(37kw)/6250rpm Максимальный крутящий момент (кгс / м) 6.2kg・m(61N・m)/4750rpm
Вес автомобиля (сухой вес) 209(概算値) Емкость топливного бака литр 14

Dynojet SHIFT SENSOR PC-V PUSH [1601-0245]

In the photo, long Cable from Switch was the one that is out RoseThere was a Coupler in between.Thanks to the presence of the Coupler the installation process was quite loud.Please sell the same thing as the photo.


I thought that I could use it before, so I did it this time as wellThe price is also cheap and I think that Cost performance is also a very nice one. I think that the pass and so on can be attacked to some extent. I think that there is sufficient performance in town ride.In terms of total point, it ...

P&A International Расширитель Fender

It was attached to NC 700X, but this time it was installed in 750S. Attached with the attached double-sided tape and drilled in three places of the OEM Fender and bound with the attached resin Pin was made according to the Manufacturer designation, when it was 700 ×, it was as it was, but because th...

WebikeMode Тип масляного фильтра

Since it is like PB of Wei Big, I am not worried about the performance etc, and if I am concerned with Racer, I may be concerned about the performance side, but because I am a Cruiser and I will not go GunGun,. Price is satisfied with Large change, it is not a rotten one, so I would like to purchase...

DAYTONA Масляный фильтр

I was worried about what to do when Oil Element's replacement time came down I was attracted only by the cheap price and decided to purchase! The performance was good against the price and I was able to do the installation to Smooth.It was exchange of Oil and Element but it ended in less than 30...

DID Цепь VX серии 525VX Silver [С зажимом для обле...

I have been using DID to replace the original chain, it has a very good quality, to ensure that 30,000 km life,Not easy to elongate,I would recommend it to my friends.


Until now, I have used the high grip of Mezzler, Pirelli. It was my impression that I tried using domestically produced Manufacturer for the first time this time, but first I felt the ride was rugged. Probably, I think that the winding of Wire? Is firmly wound. Meshera, Pirelli and other foreign-mad...

GIVI Алюминиевый корпус Monokey DLM30A

Used as Pannier case. Because it is a Monokey case it also becomes a Top case.The texture is good, but the place I touched sweaty is somewhat suspicious - - -

MICHELIN POWER RS [160 / 60ZR17 M / C (69 Вт) TL] ...

Impression soon after wearing is not Michelin so far!.Since the rigidity of the Side wall has dramatically increased, I felt a sense of incongruity at the moment of being knocked down, but I do not have any anxiety and clearly convey that Compound firmly grasp the road surface.Gymkhana I am also usi...


I replaced Front with the company's Golden Pad.Since Rear is hard to control as Rear works with guts, Rear made it to this Pad, but it was a performance that he wanted.Pedal Fee Ring is not a feeling of pushing but it is too soft Fe Ring so I think that it is easy to use Pad in town.

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