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HONDA CB500X (500X)

Предоставлен Motor Magazine Ltd.
Самые популярные Оцениваемый 15 105 моделив HONDA 401cc-750cc
Лучшие бренды

ZETA Магнитный Сливной болт

New type CBR 250 RR (MC51) I also attached it safely.Overseas made Motorcycle is MagnetDrain even at OEM, and iron powder is attached little by little every time.Since this is the first Oil exchange from the new car this time, I thought that there is a possibility that the iron powder will come out ...

MICHELIN ПИЛОТНАЯ ДОРОГА 3 [160 / 60ZR17 M / C (69...

500? The beard has died a lot in running.. PR2. 3. 4, but last time I experienced P Angel ST, ride feeling Grip was a wonderful Tire, but Life has only half of PR (5500?) AngelGT also did not think that the distance that the Large is big is extended, and it returned to PR. Is it because of the risin...

DUNLOP SPORTMAX GP Unbeaten-03 [120 / 70ZR17M / C ...

Impressions of running around the pass which goes as good as 100 km after replacement.There is no surface roughness and durability seems to be good.Grip has no problem at all.Absorbency of Shock is good, little push up.Handling is also straightforward, it turns well.My GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA first Dunl...

MICHELIN ПИЛОТНАЯ ДОРОГА 4 [120 / 70ZR17 M / C (58...

I have patronized it from PilotRoad 2,It is the feeling that the durability is increasing as it is with the Dry grip.Wet road surface, dirty road surface where fallen leaves and sand floatedGrip is a gem-free gem with a performance difference that is not comparable.The impression compared with Pilot...

WebikeMode Тип масляного фильтра

I think that no matter how big Manufacturer you choose there is no big difference in capability. I sold it under the name of webike, so I judged it would not be strange things.


It is transfer from roasma 2.I bought it for trial as it was a bargain in the Sale for a long time at a prevalent mass retailer.First thing I noticed immediately after taking a ride, there is no feeling of shimmer like roasma 2. Rosma 2 was a feeling of sleeping with Pattern if you entered power ver...

HEPCO&BECKER Ограждение двигателя

Although we are standing before and after the installation, after installation it protects Engine Block, as well as Damage to Bar End and Lever has been reduced. Also, when falling over, the Guard structure enters under the car body creates a gap, which makes the cause easier. Separately OEM Tank Gu...

MICHELIN ПИЛОТНАЯ ДОРОГА 2 [160 / 60ZR17 M / C (69...

Three months, 4000 kilometers worn out Puncture.There are quite a few of the lateral grooves, but the Center is slippery.I thought that 10,000 km will be kept so I feel the least.

MICHELIN ПИЛОТНАЯ ДОРОГА 2 [120 / 70ZR17 M / C (58...

As the previous Tire cured and Grip came down, I thought that I wanted to wear Radial once when I was considering the exchange, and decided by referring to webike's impression.BiasSpec. It is said that Radial does not fit in the Motorcycle of Motorcycle but it is totally Large if it is about my ...

HEPCO&BECKER Ограждение двигателя

When I was about to start, I felt uneasy about the way around, but I felt anxiety whether the sense that Guard was done even if a little defeated this Guard was effective. Although it is subtle if it is a price that is suitable for its mental effect, there are also no complaints because I got a cool...

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