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RIKIZOH has various lineup of dirt bike parts especially for Trial. They give high priority to aluminum products, which are hand made by craftsmen one by one

RIKIZOH Sprocket Kit

I installed it in TLR 200. Remove Front sprocket, replace, Rear also remove Tire...

RIKIZOH Aluminum Silencer

I installed a forged Exhaust System on the XG 250 TRICKER. The aim is weight red...

RIKIZOH Skid Plate

Purchased for the purpose of Under protection of Motorcycle.There is also a hole...

RIKIZOH Aluminum Skid Plate

SEROW is short in suspension compared with other Full sizeOff-road motorcycle, a...

RIKIZOH Skid Plate

I tried installing it excitingly, but it was quite rough. It is not so prominent...

RIKIZOH Skid Plate

I went to the galley place and bought it for protection purposes at the bottom o...

RIKIZOH Aluminum Skid Plate

If you are doing galley or TRIAL it is more secure with SIDE, but if it is a for...

RIKIZOH Throttle Cable COMP

Throttle Cable is a part that always operates, so it is a very big thing part to...

RIKIZOH Skid Plate

A good point is that the board thickness is sufficient and it will do the expect...

RIKIZOH Skid Plate

It is certainly thick and strong, I do not yet have a hungry abdominal but I thi...

RIKIZOH Cup Weight

This force Measuring Cup PC-00003 is Material : It is Plastic's 30 cc Cup.Fl...

RIKIZOH Plug Wrench

Plug wrench that was included as an on-board tool was not OEM's Eye WrenchTy...

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